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Matt Brings Home the Bacon, Sources Locally For Top-Quality Pork

Monday, January 4, 2016

Matt's Big Breakfast Dish

Without the perfect bacon, no breakfast is complete.

Only The Pork Shop of Queen Creek matched the flavor profile, quality standards and homegrown, salt-of-the-earth ethics that Matt’s Big Breakfast strives for every day.

So, Matt had no choice. He brought home the bacon.

The Pork Shop still does things the old-fashioned way – by hand and in house. Small batches, handmade in their little country store, ensure the highest quality and consistency.

“We’re all about quality,” said Jason Corman, manager of The Pork Shop of Queen Creek. “We try to make the exact same product we’ve been making for 30 years, and we’re not looking to change that.”

All of their bacon is hand rubbed with salt and spices every week, dry cured and smoked in a smokehouse with no artificial flavor added.

“We had heard about this little country store 48 miles away in Queen Creek that specialized in pork. We had to check it out,” said Matt Pool, the proud owner and namesake behind Matt’s Big Breakfast. “When we visited, we were thrilled to discover the quality was even better than we hoped.”

Matt’s Big Breakfast carefully selects ingredients that are second to none and finding the perfect vendor to match the quality standards of Matt’s is a labor of love.

“Like us, The Pork Shop’s foundation is based on high quality and extremely consistent products made from scratch. As a company they share our extreme pride in their product and work hard every day to deliver quality in everything they do,” Matt said.

Matt’s Big Breakfast elevates their meals by using quality ingredients across the board. Small, subtle details along the way add up to an extraordinary product that customers can taste. This is what distinguishes them from other breakfast spots.

“We felt like fate somehow brought us out to this little spot in the country and we just went with our gut. If we loved the products so much, then hopefully our future guests would too,” Matt said.

This vendor partnership with The Pork Shop is more than a decade strong and shows Matt’s dedication to intentionally sourced goods in an era of big-box, cookie-cutter vendors.

“We’ve grown to love Matt’s,” Jason said.

In the beginning, Matt drove out to the pork shop for three pounds of bacon, now he picks up a special 350-pound package each week.

Matt’s Big Breakfast uses The Pork Shop’s Thick-Cut Pepper Bacon, Western Sage Sausage, Maple Sausage Links, Pork Rib Chops, Off-the-Bone Ham, Bourbon Cherry Signature Sausage and Canadian Bacon.

The Pork Shop of Queen Creek items are used in Matt’s Big Breakfast’s Hog and Chick, Chop and Chick, Waffle, 5 Spot, Eggs Benedict, BLT, Cobb Salad, Chili and Biscuits and Gravy.


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